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Music for the Summer Term

Here is the music for the pieces we plan to sing in our this summer. You can download these and print them off. Other support for these pieces will be added shortly.

We will start Zoom rehearsals on Tuesday 9th March 2021. The invitation details are on a Choir Newsletter that you should receive shortly. If you do not get the information you need, please contact your voice rep.

Information about the Choir's Planned Recordings - DEADLINE for submission is 12th March!

Here are the guidance tracks for the three pieces we will be recording. Depending on your computer or device, you should be able to play the tracks by simply double clicking on the track name. Alternatively you should be able to click and download the files so you can play them while you are offline - in the bath, perhaps.

So, when you've practised and are ready to record, assemble your headphones and two devices (typically a phone and laptop). One needs a headphone socket, the other needs a camera with a built-in microphone (most laptops and phones can do both). Download the desired audio track onto the device which has a headphone socket and then plug headphones in to sing along.

Isaac advises: Use the guide tracks or the backing tracks to record your video, preferably in a portrait setting although this is not a necessity. Your video should not be longer than 2 minutes 30 in total for either piece.

Just press record a few seconds before pressing play on the backing/guide track and wait a few seconds to end the recording after that guide/backing track has finished.

Isaac recommends using the guide tracks for rehearsals and backing tracks for recording (using headphones so that they are not audible on your recording for either option). If you can, try to adjust the video resolution settings to as low as possible on your recording device before you begin.

When you are ready, try to send the video as an email to Isaac on [email protected] . Send the files as separate emails, naming them with the song, your name and voice part. They will be large files and will take a while to leave your outbox. If prompted, send the video files as a "mail drop” or as a google drive file. If you have any problems, contact Isaac on the email listed above.

Alternatively, you might find it easier to send the files using WeTransfer, especially if you have used that service before. You can register and log in to WeTransfer at:

All in an April Evening

Locus Iste

NEW for 2021 - Join in with some online singing rehearsals

Isaac Conroy, our Assistant Music Director and all-round excellent musician, has agreed to lead a set of four Zoom rehearsals on Tuesdays 12, 19, 26 January and 2 February 2021, from 7.30-8.10pm. The 'meeting' will open at 7.15 to allow people to connect and catch up with friends.

The link for the meeting will be sent to you by Sunday 10th Jan in a Newsletter from Joan Carter. Please make sure you have that link available on the computer or device that you plan to use before you try to log in. If you haven't received, or can't find, the Newsletter, then contact your Rep who will be able to send you the link. 

Please see this Help document for how to set up and use Zoom in these rehearsals.

Isaac will start us off with vocal warm-ups and is able to play the piano accompaniments, and has even volunteered to help us by singing each part!

Please remember that, while you will be able to hear Isaac singing and the accompaniment, nobody will be able to hear you, so you can sing as loudly (and as badly) as you like without embarrassment!

We will be working on 6 items - click below for sheet music that you can download and print off if you don't already have it:

There are decent YouTube performances which Isaac has found for some of these pieces, so you can practice with them in between our Zoom rehearsals:

And the Glory of the Lord

Locus Iste

All in the April Evening

The Oak and the Ash

These four sessions are just to get us singing again, with no recording aimed at. We will ask you for feedback in time for the committee to consider it on 3 February. Then, with Isaac, we'll decide whether to stop, to continue as before or to go for a recording.

The sessions are voluntary and is no charge for them. However, if you are no longer paying a sub, you might consider making a voluntary donation at some point in the future.

CPC Members' Area



Welcome to the Members' Area. PLEASE NOTE that we have made some of this area publicly viewable. So you will not need to register or log in when you want to use the Music rehearsal aids, for example. We hope this will be a help to those who have just joined the choir, or those who are having difficulties with registration or passwords...

If you do need to access any of the protected areas, then use the Sign-in box below. Otherwise, please go straight to the page you need.

Links to Members' Pages - OPEN

  • Music - Go here for help for the works we will be singing - includes new help for Serenade to Music and Mass of the Children
  • Dates - Here is the Calendar of Dates for the 2019-2020 season

Links to Members' Pages - SIGN-IN NEEDED

  • Info - here we keep background information on the choir, including AGM minutes and accounts
  • Health & Safety Policy - see our policy and our fire safety and evacuation procedure for St Barnabas (presently under review)
  • 2019 - 2020 Choir Newsletter - a wonderful review of the last year and look forward to the next

Not all of these pages are fully updated yet, but be patient...

Update on what's happening to our website

Yes, I'm finally getting round to updating many of the reference pages. Please bear with me while we work through these issues. If you have any problems with the site, or if you have suggestions for changes, please contact me at [email protected]


Steve Weighell (Bass1, Concert Manager & Webmaster)

Jan 2019