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Our partner - Mowbray Orchestra

The Mowbray ‘Ensemble’ was established in 1991 as a flexible group specialising in the performance of rarely heard chamber works, written for unusual combinations of instruments. It rapidly became the professional wing of Ripon’s nationally renowned St Cecilia Orchestra. The StCO began life as a group of local players whose task was to accompany Ripon’s Cathedral Choir at their annual St Cecilia’s Day Concert. It has since grown into one of the most prestigious orchestras in the north, a community orchestra par excellence, drawing on professional and amateur musicians, teachers, students and talented schoolchildren to make music of supreme quality.

Because of the high acclaim that performances from both the Mowbray Ensemble and the St Cecilia Orchestra received over the years and in response to many requests from choral societies throughout the region, a professional offshoot of the two groups evolved – the Mowbray Orchestra. The orchestra is now in great demand, accompanying choirs and choral societies as far afield as Carlisle, Leeds, Middlesbrough and Ulverston. They also provided the orchestra for Opus 1 Opera Productions, touring throughout the UK and in Ireland.

For further information and bookings, please contact the administrator, Jane Lomax, by telephone (01765 601074 / 07974 698264) or email: [email protected]


“… the fabulous Mowbray Orchestra.”

“ The Mowbray’s ability to be the perfect accompaniment cushion, never protruding but delicately balanced, is to be commended.”

“The Mowbray Orchestra caught the changes of mood beautifully, leading to moments of real intensity and great power.”